Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Children with poor handwriting, posture problems, or difficulty sitting still often have underlying problems with movement skills, balance, or touch.

Pediatric occupational therapy can be very useful in identifying and treating the sensory dysfunctions that interfere with learning.

With fun activities and adaptive strategies, occupational therapy helps children train motor and sensory skills to be more useful tools at school, at home, and on the playground.

Children with special needs, poor coordination, learning problems, autism, or attention and behaviour challenges may all benefit from occupational therapy.

Consider an occupational therapy assessment if your child:

•  is unable to focus on a task or fidgets excessively
•  rarely slows down
•  is distracted or overwhelmed by too much stimulation
•  has sloppy handwriting
•  seems awkward or clumsy on the playground or in sports activities
•  has difficulty socializing with other children

At InSight an Occupational Therapy Assessment includes:

•  an assessment of your child's skills and level of development
•  interview with parents
•  recommendations for home-based strategies or advice on the need for supported activities or interventions
•  a concise and professionally written report
•  follow up support to monitor progress

Depending on the level of care needed, it may also include:

•  review of previous professional assessments
•  full battery of formal and informal testing
•  report with recommendations for use by educators and other professionals involved with your child
•  management may include activities and adaptations for home and school use, clinic-based therapy
•  consultation/referral with other professionals

What You Should Know

•  assessments are made over one to several visits, depending on your child's needs
•  testing and activities are made fun for kids
•  we like to see them when they're most alert
•  parent or caregiver participation is an essential part of a full and thorough assessment 



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