Adult Eye Exams

Developmental eyecare is not just for kids!

Adult vision problems can slow reading, cause fatigue while driving, and lower performance at work.

At InSight Optometry & Vision Therapy a comprehensive eye exam includes assessment of:

• eyesight and need for prescription eyewear
• eye movement skills
• eye alignment
• focusing skills
• eye health to rule out eye disease such as glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal tears
• complimentary consult on suitability for contact lenses or refractive surgery

What you should know before you arrive:

  • Your care card covers a portion of our professional fees for those aged 65 or older. All fees are due at time of service.
  • Dilating eye drops are used routinely to ensure that your eyes are healthy inside and will last a lifetime. You may want to bring a driver if dilation affects your eyesight.
  • Adults 19 to 64 years old are no longer insured for routine eye exams but may be covered by extended benefits.
  • We offer complimentary referral for medical consults. 



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