• "We wouldn’t hesitate for a SECOND to suggest a vision assessment with Dr. Sass at InSight if there seems to be a problem with your children in school. The staff at InSight have been delightful to our children – they couldn’t wait each week to chat with them, and they have even enjoyed the therapy sessions."
    Crystal, Abbotsford
  • "Katrina is now seeing 3D again and her left eye is getting stronger."
    Catherine, Langley
  • "Jakob has made huge strides in his learning. We are all so excited for Jacob. Thanks InSight, we appreciate all you have done!"
    Alana, Abbotsford
  • "Mia is now flying through reading, she has improved her writing skills and math skills."
    Denise, Langley
  • "We saw a huge improvement in our son with his eyesight, reading comprehension, and in his physical movement. He has much more confidence in himself. We are very thankful for Dr. Sass and his awesome support team"
    Sarah, Langley
  • "She has gone from needing surgery, losing vision in her right eye and crossing, to not needing surgery, vision 20/20 and eyes lining up. This has been a very positive experience and everyone at InSight has been very professional and understanding"
    Marlene, Burnaby
  • "Her spelling tests are now 20/20 and her focus & attention to school work has improved greatly. She enjoys reading finally!"
    Darlene, Surrey
  • "Our ophthalmologist said her alignment improved and she uses both eyes more than before"
    Olga, Coquitlam
  • "Amy can throw, catch and hit a ball with ease, she looks at others with confidence and is much more willing to take risks with her learning. We are very happy with her improvements and look forward to coming back for another program"
    Joanne, Port Coquitlam
  • "His father and I have seen huge improvements in him, and are very grateful to the help from vision therapy"
    Kerri, Langley
  • "Marisa’s peripheral vision has improved and her attention on tasks in school has definitely improved."
    Maria, Maple Ridge



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