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InSight Optometry & Vision Therapy provides comprehensive eyecare, pediatric occupational therapy, vision training, as well as brain injury and neuro-developmental assessments. Our clinic is dedicated to helping children and adults improve visual, motor, and other sensory skills to become more effective tools for school, sports, work and play. We are centrally located in Walnut Grove, just off Highway 1, in the Langley area.

Vision problems may go unnoticed by parents and teachers. Learning, attention and behaviour challenges are common when visual development is delayed. Correcting these problems promotes comfort, confidence and ability to learn. Children don't need to know the alphabet or even speak to have an eye exam. We recommend that all children have routine eye exams at 6 months of age and yearly thereafter.

At InSight Optometry & Vision Therapy, we are dedicated to providing high-quality optometry services in a comfortable environment. Call us at 604-455-0477 or schedule an appointment today online.

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  • Dr.
    Darren Sass
    Dr. Darren Sass is InSight’s owner and clinic director. He studied general science at UBC and received his doctorate degree at Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN. Throughout his career in optometry he’s had a special interest in children’s eye care, learning-related vision problems, and neuro-developmental optometry.

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  • Aman
    Vision Therapist

    Aman has obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Psychology, majoring in neuropsychology.  She is interested in pursuing medical school with a focus in neurology. She is well versed in Punjabi and Hindi and is currently learning ASL.  Aman enjoys working with children and draws from her experience volunteering as a playtime assistant at the Surrey Memorial Hospital.  She is now part of their emergency and trauma team support.  In addition to her work as a vision therapist at InSight, Aman tutors children of all ages in math, science and english.  In her spare time, she loves baking and watching documentaries.

  • Georgia
    Optometric Assistant

    Georgia comes to us from Alberta and brings with her many years of office experience, which we are all happy to benefit from.  You will find her welcoming smile greeting you as you enter our clinic.  Away from the office, time spent with her children and grandchildren is special and treasured, as are Georgia’s days spent horseback riding.

  • Nathalie

    Nathalie has been a licensed optician and contact lens fitter for the past 12 years and a preceptor for student opticians for the past 5 years.  Nathalie’s cheerful and confident manner in the dispensary makes it easy and enjoyable for our patients to have their eyewear needs met, as she uses her years of experience to carefully select their optimal lenses and frames.  Nathalie comes from a large family, speaks fluent spanish and is currently an aunt to 10 nieces and nephews.  Nathalie’s free time is shared with her puppy Charlie.

  • Moira
    The friendly smile you see when you arrive belongs to our Office Manager Moira. She oversees our appointment scheduling, reception, pre-testing for examinations, and office administration. She and her husband Tim are the parents of 2 adult children and they volunteer their time with a number of community organizations. In addition to her position at the clinic, Moira teaches ballet from kindergarten to the professional level, drawing on her experience as a professional ballerina in England and Australia.

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  • Linda
    Vision Therapist
    Linda enjoys her work as vision therapist, training children and adults to improve vision skills. She draws on her experience in hospital administration, as well as years spent coaching ball and instructing children with developing abilities at a therapeutic horseback riding academy. Away from work, Linda enjoys horseback riding and spending time with her family.

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  • Lisa
    Optometric Assistant
    With more than 25 years working in a wide range of medical setting, Lisa has been a large asset to our clinic. She is also a former instructor of the Medical Office Assistant Program at UCFV. In 2006 she took some time off to pursue a career in professional landscaping, for which she is still actively involved. Lisa's greatest joys in life are her son and six year old grandson and she believes that all children, like the best gardens, require continuous encouragement and nurturing to flourish and bloom.

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  • "This is the best place to go for your vision exam. I learned more information about my eye condition in 10 minutes here, than in any other eye exam."
    - Mike / Langley, BC